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The Patriotic Civic Party in El Salvador, is a political party whose roots are based on the Constitution of the Nation and national identity, participatory democracy, social justice, equity and Human Rights. We are the Patriotic Civic Party and we are in formation victory 2021-2024 to recycle politics ... we are anti-corruption and the last light of Hope in El Salvador.


To be a party that contributes to the solution of the serious problems of El Salvador, mainly combating corruption and seeking the development of our homeland, without departing from the Constitution at any time.


Become the first party to really fight corruption in El Salvador and Central America; come to power to work for the people, without resting until achieving the solution of the problems of insecurity, lack of opportunities, full access to education at all levels to achieve the integral development of men and women without distinction of any nature. All this to convert El Salvador into the economic, social, political, human, tourism, security and environment.


Without falling into populism, fulfill the commitments that we adopt as a party for the good of the national sectors, being inclusive, not to violate or allow the constitutional rights of all Salvadorans to be violated.


Its purpose will be to promote national identity values, belonging to the country that saw us born and that we dream of making it a great nation in every order. As well as religious, moral, educational, sports and, most importantly, anti-corruption..

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Don Leonel Orellana dreamed of finding a patido that thought of us, and Don Eduardo Beltrán, has been an Angel fallen from Heaven, that's why I join, and it's an honor. It is a pleasure to represent all Salvadoran brothers in Houston as their coordinator. We are going to recover El Salvador, our homeland and for the first time, free of corruption, all for El Salvador (far from our land but close to a click,) I am at your service to write us on the contact page.

Yeidi Urbano Morales

New Guadalupe

Jose Morales Coordinator in the Municipality of Nueva Guadalupe, San Miguel. Celebrity is a municipality and community activist. He tells us"As a first point in New Guadalupe we must support the elderly."With the heart for the community of El Salvador. Rapper singer by profession and PCP leader in Nuevo Guadalupe. His actions of carida account that he has given wheelchairs to the invalids of the community who suffer from polio, and other physical defects. Each year he with his wife and supportive sponsors give toys to the families of Guadalupe again. It is a place to have him as the leader of the PCP.

Ken Ramirez


Ken Ramirez was integrated into the game through the social network Facebook. He stands out as coordinator in the party because of the faith he has to see that the country is transformed with improvements in government. Ken is also the sponsor of our website. His patriotic passion leads him to the dream of being a candidate for an independent deputy to help local and foreign compatriots. He is currently the most active resident resident in Virginina. The party thanks you for your passion, your contribution and your collaboration in live programs on social networks.

Lenin,Coordinador de Jovenes

San Salvador

Lenin Zaldaña PCP youth affiliation coordinator in San Salvador.